Will AI make verbal skills more important than math skills ?

Will AI make verbal skills more important than math skills ?

Peter Thiel has made headlines with his sensational comments. We discuss this in greater details.

Peter Thiel is obviously very smart but we are curious to know why he thinks that math skills will be less valuable than verbal skills in an era of AI.

People with math and verbal skills are employed in different areas. New technologies constantly make them more productive and historically, math skills have been more valuable than verbal skills on an average. (E.g. an occasional author like JK Rowlings might get super rich, but an average author is lot poorer than average software engineer).

The reason why a skill is more valuable than other is because of supply. Fewer people in the world know maths well than people with good verbal skills.

AI as it stands today is exceedingly good at verbal skills than maths because it is primarily trained on written text. Which means it can increase the supply of verbal skills. AI so far has not demonstrated math skills better than lower average IQ humans. May be that will change after some years but that time is not today.

We doubt if Peter Thiel is correct on this on. What do you folks think ? Please tell us in comments.