5 AI Dedicated Substacks You Must Follow in 2024

5 AI Dedicated Substacks You Must Follow in 2024

It's understandable that people are always on the lookout for the latest, most innovative developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), given its dynamic nature. As a computer enthusiast with a particular interest in artificial intelligence, I constantly scour the internet for the best content. This captivating subject always offers something new and intriguing to learn, whether it's about the latest research findings, cutting-edge AI tools, or the ethical and societal implications of AI.

My usual go-to platform is Substack, but with so many AI publications available, how can one find the best Substack pages known for their exceptional articles on the latest developments and technical resources?

Let's explore the top 5 AI-focused Substacks you should follow in 2024. But first, let me explain how to use Substack to find outstanding AI resources and publishers.

How to use Substack to find AI-dedicated content, channels and resources?

I find Substack to be a treasure trove of knowledge, particularly for AI enthusiasts. It's an ideal website for obtaining AI-specific content and information, as it's a platform where AI scholars and industry experts share their insights. So, how do I discover the best AI-based Substack newsletters and resources?

The process is simple and begins with a straightforward search, much like using Google or Bing Search.

I take advantage of Substack's search feature to find the content I'm interested in. I start by typing in terms like "artificial intelligence," "machine learning," and "neural networks."

Upon pressing enter, the search results display a variety of AI-focused newsletters and content.I then spend some time getting to know each newsletter, looking through previous editions to get a sense of what's in store. I sign up for newsletters that speak to me in order to get future updates. It really is that easy!

5 AI Dedicated Substacks You Must Follow in 2024

Let's discuss the 5 AI-dedicated Substacks you should follow in 2024. I'm confident that these Substack pages will offer you a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and insights from experts in the AI community and industry.

1. The Gradient by Daniel Bashir

I heartily recommend The Gradient as a great Substack channel for anyone interested in theoretical and real-world AI applications.

The Gradient can be your super beacon to navigate the currents of AI news with enlightening articles, captivating podcasts and a thriving Substack community.

It was launched by Daniel Bashir and is currently managed by a team of engineers, researchers and graduate students from a variety of universities and businesses, including the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL).

As per the publication, there are two types of content on their Substack platform.

  • The first type offers overviews of AI's current and potential developments that are both understandable and technically sound.

  • The second type, authored by researchers and industry specialists, provides insightful and critical opinions on a range of AI-related subjects.

Then there's the Gradient Podcast, which features stimulating discussions that Daniel hosts most of the time. It features conversations with a range of individuals involved in AI research, development or application, including academics, engineers, artists, business owners and more.

Some cool AI-dedicated topics that you can find in The Gradient are –

  • What are the risks and opportunities associated with text-to-CAD AI technology? (Read here)

  • The problems of AI consciousness (Read here)

  • Artificial intelligence, smart opportunity and the future of demos (Read here)

  • Deep learning to production: Lessons learned (Read here)

2. Ahead of AI by Sebastian Raschka

Bringing you the most influential and fascinating research papers in deep learning and artificial intelligence, Ahead of AI is another classic AI-focused Substack newsletter.

The chief wizard behind this incredible newsletter is Sebastian Raschka. He is a researcher, programmer, author, instructor and specialist in deep learning and AI. Along with being a devoted contributor to the AI field, he also adores open-source software.

Sebastian writes articles that go into great detail about language models and how they are used in AI tools and in the industry at large.

For instance, Sebastian achieved remarkable results using the Pythia suite for evaluating large language models (LLMs). It was notable since eight LLMs and their training information, analysis and insights were made available.

Another great feature talks about LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) that are synonymous with deep learning and LLMs.

Sebastian also answers ten frequently asked concerns about LoRA, including those about the significance of the dataset, domain adaptation, ideal rank selection, allowing LoRA for various layers, preventing overfitting and investigating alternative optimizers.

Some top topics covered by this AI-dedicated magazine include –

  • How to finetune large language models? (Read here)

  • How to do LLM training using RLFH and its alternatives (Read here)

3. AI Supremacy by Michael Spencer

Michael Spencer has a creed of quantum computing but he has this amazing AI-based Substack platform that will leave you in inspiration.

After studying Michael's pages, I must say his publication is surely one to follow for any enthusiast pursuing greater AI understanding such as myself.

His informative publications quench readers' thirst for fair viewpoints on the many facets of artificial intelligence. Every article I read covered something fascinating to increase my knowledge, from conceptual discourses to business trends.

His Benefactor section is essential reading for anyone working in the healthcare and medical sector. His features are a special treat to healthcare experts and AI enthusiasts working to improve the medical treatment of illnesses like autism, cancer and dementia.

Even though the majority of this publication discusses AI and AGI, I really enjoy his segment called Siphon, which highlights the most recent developments in the AI sector. This section contains all of the launches from the most recent AI players.

Some of his top AI-dedicated Substack features are as follows –

  • Is open source the ultimate winner of generative AI? (Read here)

  • How European tech startups are using AI to tackle climate change (Read here)

  • How much closer are we to AGI at the beginning of 2024? (Read here)

4. The Algorithmic Bridge by Alberto Romero

Alberto Romero started The Algorithmic Bridge (TAB), a Substack newsletter, which I subscribe to.

He discovered his friends and family know very little, if anything, about artificial intelligence and how it impacts our day-to-day lives, which is why he launched this newsletter. TAB helps to close the gap that he intended to exist between AI and humans.

The weekly AI newsletter from TAB, What You May Have Missed (WYMHM), is perhaps the most popular.

For instance, in this section, Alberto addresses the present shortage of H100 graphics processing units (GPUs) from the commercial side of artificial intelligence.

This AI-specific Substack page also examines deep learning models, AI ethics in the contemporary context and GPT and stable diffusion in great detail.

Although the world of artificial intelligence can appear to be a harsh place, The Algorithmic Bridge inexpensively uncovers the hidden gems beneath the surface. This newsletter is really valuable for extensive knowledge of AI practices and technicals.

5. Import AI by Jack Clark

Jack Clark is a name that’s synonymous with the AI ecosystem in the US.

It's obvious how much experience Jack Clark provides because of his time spent working as Policy Director at Open AI. In addition, Jack serves as a member of the National AI Advisory Committee of the US government in addition to co-chairing the Stanford University AI Index and the OECD working group on AI & Compute.

If you’re in the AI safety and AI research business, Jack’s newsletter is a must for you.

Jack discusses and evaluates cutting-edge papers, blog entries, news stories and tweets from the AI community in the Import AI Substack newsletter. He also shares insights and opinions on various topics related to AI, such as ethics, policy, applications and challenges.

The newsletters' most in-depth pieces discuss data sets, GPUs and large language models (including LLM security). Jack’s content also shows the extensive application of artificial intelligence in the Chinese market.

The best thing about the email is that it presents only the most relevant and thought-provoking issues, slashing through the hype and paid content.

Here’s a list of top articles from this Substack page.

  • Hacking LLMs by hacking GPUs (Read here)

  • Mind-controlling robots (Read here)

  • A look into spies vs AI (Read here)

Finishing up – Let’s become AI-vigilant from AI-dedicated Substack pages

Here is my list of 5 vital Substacks channels or pages that will improve your AI understanding throughout the year 2024!

Every publication, regardless of experience level, I think resonates with those who are searching for deeper knowledge on artificial intelligence, deep and machine learning.

Let's explore the revolutionary evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) with one insightful content at a time.

If you’re an AI enthusiast or engineering scholar, join in, ask questions and contribute to the discussions that will define the future. We’re all ears for your amazing AI stories, research and experience.

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